Photo of Fabrizio Ciacchi

Fabrizio Ciacchi

Born in Italy on December 7, 1979

University of Pisa

Faculty: Computer Science
Years: 1998-2005 (left)
Status: 120/150 credits

I am a passionate and energetic developer that aim to learn and improve every day. I have high experience as developer and as analyst, a perfect mix to study, implement and document a project. I am also collaborative and helpful with colleagues.



Years of experience in PHP/MySQL Object Oriented development. But also good knowledge of Javascript (jQuery library), PostgreSQL, HTML5/CSS3. Proficiency in Java and Perl. Knowledge of the main operating systems, including Linux server administration skills. GIT, PHPUnit, Codeception, PHPSpec, New Relic, Jenkins.

In my latest roles I gained a lot of experience on Symfony 2/3, Tests and Designing API.


Excellent Italian skills (mothertounge). B2/C1 English proficiency and basic proficiency in French, Chinese and German.


Photography, Gastronomy, Movies


Spryker (E-commerce platform) Lead Software Engineer - Berlin, Germany - 2017

  • I'm actually part of Spryker Systems as one of the Lead of Enabling Services, working closely with our biggest client, Siroop. The role requires an advance knowledge of Spryker OS and continuos support to the Product Managers in the planning and organisation of the developers team. We are successfully releasing French version of the shop, implementing Paypal payment and enhancing the perfromances for Black Friday.

Flaconi (E-commerce) Lead Software Engineer - Berlin, Germany - 2015-2016

  • When I started in Flaconi, we migrated the backend application from Magento to Zend2. In the process I took care of redesigning the API, enforce best practices and train new developers. As my profile growth I started leading the backend team and we successfully improved Flaconi for multi-country and language support (Austria, English and Chinese version).

Rocket Internet (E-commerce) Senior Software Engineer - Berlin, Germany - 2014

  • I joined Rocket Internet as Senior Software Engineer for the Sellercenter project. This project was intended as a new backend for marketplace and was implemented using best practices as Unit and Integration tests, MySQL optimization and AJAX to make the web interface more reactive.

Wemblegg (Social Gaming) Senior Software Engineer - Italy - 2013

  • I was part of the Wemblegg team as Senior Software Engineer. I brought all my years experience to create a new Social Gaming Platform about soccer. The technologies used were Symfony2 Framework, Doctrine2 as well as Ajax and Responsive Design. Particular focus on team management, release process and testing.

P1 (Social Network) Software Engineer - Beijing, China - 2011-2012

  • I have worked as Backend Engineer, creating algorithms for different part of the website: PYMK algorithm (logic and implementation), Search/Browse functionality (implementation), Pictures management and cropping (logic and implementation). I also created, when necessary, a specification for the functionality I had to develop, and then I documented it, helping also in all the processes (test included).

Noze (Consulting Company) Software Engineer/PM - Pisa, Italy - 2010-2011

  • My main duties have been to organize and develop in several projects for the Public Administrations. Two of the biggest projects I have worked on have been for ISPESL (multimedia CD) and SIRM (subscription and payment area). I have also worked with Alfresco technology.

Koego (Web Analytics Tool) Team Leader - Pisa, Italy - 2008-2009

  • Hired to start the project from scratch, in almost one year I have had a fully working web application, with Twitter and FriendFeed integration, high class analytics tool and a team of three other developers on my lead. I have worked with Java and PHP, using PostgreSQL database. I was also taking care of the frontend: XHTML, CSS2 and AJAX development. The project has been acquired by Populis.

Dada (Music service) Web/Mobile Developer - Florence, Italy - 2007-2008

  • Entered as PHP developer, I have worked also with Perl, mostly for mobile development. During that time I have had experience as frontend developer as well, by creating a Flash/Ajax video player to play music videos.

Vodafone (Telecommunication Company) Web Analyst - Milan, Italy - 2006-2007

  • I have worked as Functional and Technical Analyst for the Web portal of Vodafone. My main duties were to write specification for the functionalities of the website, including all the operations the user could do to enable additional services on his phone plan.

Various Linux Magazines Tech Journalist - 2002-Now

  • Started as side job during my studies, I have worked as Tech Journalist for several years, collaborating with the two biggest Italian technical publishers. I have also written some articles for English Linux Magazine and is now some years that I mostly translate articles from English to Italian in my spare time.