Fabrizio Ciacchi

I'm a Software Developer, working with PHP and NodeJS.

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Contentful Helper Library: Github - NpmJS
Contentful CLI Export: Github - NpmJS
Contentful CLI Migrations: Github - NpmJS


Here a small extract of the over 100 articles published in Italian and English magazines.

Looking Glass 🇬🇧

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Linux in Linux 🇬🇧

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Qemu 🇬🇧

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Linux on a Stick 🇬🇧

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GmailFS 🇬🇧

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Java Algoritmi 1 🇮🇹

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Java Algoritmi 2 🇮🇹

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Java Algoritmi 3 🇮🇹

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Java Algoritmi 4 🇮🇹

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Internet News 🇮🇹

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Programmazione 🇮🇹

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Linguaggio C 🇮🇹

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Ubuntu Linux 🇮🇹

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PHP Scripts 🇮🇹

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Spryker Certified

Contentful Certified

Apache Kafka Admin & Developer Certified